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Jay-Z confirmed as U2 supportact

U2 will be supported by hip-hop superstar Jay-Z on their Australian tour in December.

The announcement was expected to be made as an exclusive on the 7pm Project, but Ben O’Shea, the editor of The Wire Mag – the music and entertainment magazine in The West Australian – let the cat out of the bag.

O’Shea announced on Twitter that “I can also now reveal JAY-Z as support act!! The mighty Jay-Z will play the support set before U2, w/ 9-piece band for a good hour. Is there anything higher than “must-see” on the scale?”

U2’s last Australian tour also had a major hip-hop superstar in the support slot, with Kanye West supporting Bono and co on their 2006 visit.

Both U2 and Jay-Z are signed to Live Nation and the massive concerts will be the first shows promoted by Live Nation in Australia.

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williamb said on the 23rd Aug, 2010

hmm linkin park rumored for december also... collision course at lp gig maybe???

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 23rd Aug, 2010

Nup, band did say it themselves on 7pm project


sarahanne said on the 23rd Aug, 2010

Love Jay Z - kind of want him to do his own shows as well.


sarcasm_mister said on the 23rd Aug, 2010

very happy about this. would've preferred interpol or the national but i'm glad i'll get to see one of the true superstars of music. now all i need is for the best GA tix to be $100 and i'll be genuinely pumped about this 360 tour.


AndyLedHead said on the 23rd Aug, 2010

holy fuck.
words can't describe.

Captain Smashed

Captain Smashed said on the 24th Aug, 2010

ah, just when you thought u2 couldn't get any lamer. last time it was kanye west, now this. wait... i don't like u2 either so i don't really give a fuck. it's another reason to not like u2 though.


estyaguilar said on the 24th Aug, 2010

that's awesome news!!!!!!!


redman300_bulldogs said on the 24th Aug, 2010

why does u2 have rappers supporting them ?

because they like being upstaged by their support act.


radiocide said on the 24th Aug, 2010

jay-z should swap bill placements with the national. we'd get two more cohesive bills.


Yaki said on the 24th Aug, 2010

Obvious correlation or none... that's fucking awesome news.


lanesra23 said on the 24th Aug, 2010

Will attend. The question is, try for standing or sitting? Leaning towards standing.


chico21 said on the 24th Aug, 2010

standing is always the best! especially in a stadium - you're so far away from the stage.

Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run said on the 24th Aug, 2010

i am going just to ask jay-z whether i can have some of beyonce's panties.


billzbub said on the 24th Aug, 2010

hmmm...smells like freemasonry to me.