The Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre


13 Campbell Street

Children Collide @ Capitol, Perth (30/03/12)

Children Collide @ Capitol, Perth (30/03/12)

By Nurul Azliah 1st Apr, 2012

Children Collide caused a rampage on stage with an energetic performance from the start to the very end.

Suicidal Tendencies @ Capitol, Perth (18/05/11)113

Suicidal Tendencies @ Capitol, Perth (18/05/11)

By Ned Hatswell 22nd May, 2011

Everything was angry and fun and friendly and intense when Suicidal Tendencies skated into town to conclude their Australian leg of the 2011 Join the Army/Deja-Vu Tour.

Architecture In Helsinki @ Capitol, Perth (15/05/11)4

Architecture In Helsinki @ Capitol, Perth (15/05/11)

By Mark Donaldson 17th May, 2011

Architecture In Helsinki braved the 'violent' nightlife of Perth and threw a pop party extravaganza.

Grandmaster Flash @ Capitol, Perth (22/01/10)

Grandmaster Flash @ Capitol, Perth (22/01/10)

By Todd Lockley 27th Jan, 2010

The Grandmaster Of Hip Hop Returns To Perth.

Edguy, Cynic, Ensiferum @ Capitol, 7/1/102

Edguy, Cynic, Ensiferum @ Capitol, 7/1/10

By Ned Hatswell 12th Jan, 2010

Edguy, Cynic, Ensiferum provide a lot of variety or a mismatch of styles, depending on how you view at the Capitol in Perth, 7/1/10

Patrick Wolf @ Capitol, Perth (12/12/09)3

Patrick Wolf @ Capitol, Perth (12/12/09)

By Annabel Maclean 14th Dec, 2009

The queue for Capitol on Saturday night wasn't the usual short-dress types or jean-wearing Disco kids.

Les Claypool @ Capitol, Perth (06/12/09)5

Les Claypool @ Capitol, Perth (06/12/09)

By Zero Interest 10th Dec, 2009

Q: Who's more odd than Les Claypool ? A: Dr. El Suavo

Amon Amarth @ Capitol, Perth (24/11/09)34

Amon Amarth @ Capitol, Perth (24/11/09)

By Owen Thomas 26th Nov, 2009

Amon Amarth chose Perth as their first port of call, for the plentiful ale and ample breasted wenches.

British India @ Capital 21/11/0961

British India @ Capital 21/11/09

By Rachel McGeorge 24th Nov, 2009

Unlike a large portion of Australian musicians, British India have few pretensions. They're unmistakably honest and it's a refreshing change.

Maximo Park @ Capitol (17/11/09)2

Maximo Park @ Capitol (17/11/09)

By Ben Swan 23rd Nov, 2009

English pop-rock foursome prove their staying power with another triumphant Perth show.

Ladyhawke @ Capitol, Perth (14/11/09)

Ladyhawke @ Capitol, Perth (14/11/09)

By Annabel Maclean 16th Nov, 2009

If you thought Flight Of The Conchords was cool, bow out and admit that you didn't get tickets to New Zealand's latest electro-rocking talent *Ladyhawke* at Capitol last Saturday night.

Kisschasy @ Capitol, Perth, 17/10/091

Kisschasy @ Capitol, Perth, 17/10/09

By Melissa Matos 22nd Oct, 2009

Kisschasy a hardworking band with a reputation for a hectic touring schedule, took the show on the road to promote their new album Seizures.

Cinema Prague, Zxspecky, Okioki @ Club Capitol, Perth (1/9/2007)1

Cinema Prague, Zxspecky, Okioki @ Club Capitol, Perth (1/9/2007)

By Ling Sew 11th Oct, 2009

Cinema Prague make their long-awaited comeback at Club Capitol in Perth.

JD SET @ Amplifier, Perth (24/09/09)1

JD SET @ Amplifier, Perth (24/09/09)

By Melissa Matos 30th Sep, 2009

The JD Set is a great way to get previously unknown bands into the spotlight, it's also a clever way to sell a few drinks too.

Wolfmother @ Capitol, Perth 23/09/094

Wolfmother @ Capitol, Perth 23/09/09

By Todd Lockley 24th Sep, 2009

It was like the_Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne's World, except Capitol was the car, and there were a lot more people in it.

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