Rock-It Festival 2012 lineup45

Rock-It Festival 2012 lineup

By Tom Mann 29th Jun, 2012

Check out who’s joining The Black Keys at the return of the Rock-It festival.

Rock-It Festival returns in 2012326

Rock-It Festival returns in 2012

By Sarah Smith 17th Apr, 2012

After a three year hiatus Rock-It Festival is back, and have secured one hell of a headliner.

Drug bins fail at V Festival12

Drug bins fail at V Festival

By Tim Hardaker 9th Apr, 2009

The most recent appearance of the WA drug disposal bins has been hailed an unceremonious flop.

Rock-it @ Arena Joondalup (8/3/09)71

Rock-it @ Arena Joondalup (8/3/09)

By Ben Swan 10th Mar, 2009

Kings of Leon kicked off their Australian tour with a stadium show in Joondalup

Kings Of Leon kick off in style1095

Kings Of Leon kick off in style

By FasterLouder HQ 10th Mar, 2009

Nashville superstars Kings Of Leon opened their tour with a concert-length set at Perth's Rock-It Festival on Sunday. Spoilers inside!

Drug bins largely ignored at WA music festival113

Drug bins largely ignored at WA music festival

By Tim Hardaker 10th Mar, 2009

Unsurprisingly, reports from the weekend's Rock-It Festival in Perth indicate the drug disposal bins didn't yield a big haul.

Rock-It Festival trials drug bins641

Rock-It Festival trials drug bins

By Tim Hardaker 5th Mar, 2009

WA authorities have announced a new initiative to tackle illicit drugs at this weekend's mammoth Rock-It Festival - drug disposal bins.

Rock It line-up announced42

Rock It line-up announced

By Jack Tregoning 18th Dec, 2008

Following on from the big news that Kings Of Leon would headline the return of Rock It, more names have been added to the festival's line-up.

Pixies to play Rock-it in April?

Pixies to play Rock-it in April?

By Michael Inglis 21st Jan, 2007

The word on the street is that rock's hottest second coming is heading out West.

Spring Rock-it cancelled

Spring Rock-it cancelled

By Michael Inglis 12th Oct, 2006

Fans of the twice-annual Arena Joondalup spectacular will have to wait til autumn.

Rock-It It's The End Of Summer Edition2

Rock-It It's The End Of Summer Edition

By Monika Lackmann 7th Feb, 2005

Rock-It's Summer edition ends the summer season of music in style and with a load of killer acts to play at the Arena, in Joonalup.

It's Called Rock-It Because Basically It Rocks.

It's Called Rock-It Because Basically It Rocks.

By Nikki Orr 29th Nov, 2004

Green Day, A Simple Plan and Shihad are just a handfull of the line-up set to rock Perth's Summer edition of the Rock-It festival in March next year...

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