FasterLouder Debate Series

FasterLouder Debate Series

Should Australian music quotas be abolished?  233

Should Australian music quotas be abolished?

By Elmo Keep 3rd Feb, 2012

Do you think that commercial radio stations need to play Australian tunes?

Live Music: The State of the Union 710

Live Music: The State of the Union

By Elmo Keep 26th Jan, 2012

What does the future hold for Australia’s small live music venues?

Is Music Criticism dead?	537

Is Music Criticism dead?

By Elmo Keep 19th Jan, 2012

In this week's debate we tackle that ol' chesnut: The Death of The Music Critic!

Record Stores vs The Internet861

Record Stores vs The Internet

By Elmo Keep 13th Jan, 2012

This week we are stirring the pot, to find out if you think record stores are all but a dying breed, and whether this new fangled world wide web is the future (or death) of music.

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NoniDoll NoniDoll said on Sat 18th Feb, 2012
"as someone working in commercial radio (burn the witch!),..."
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URBAN URBAN said on Thu 2nd Feb, 2012
"successful venues have two key goals in their business pl..."
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Braveheart81 Braveheart81 said on Thu 26th Jan, 2012
"misterx, Because all I want to do is learn, it would ..."
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vlssi vlssi said on Fri 10th May, 2013
"personally, i feel that both record stores and the intern..."
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