Kill Teen Angst

Kill Teen Angst

Seether @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (01/02/12)1

Seether @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (01/02/12)

By 3rd Feb, 2012

South African post-grunge/metal legends Seether with local supports Kill Teen Angst.

Red Jezebel @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth 13/05/11

Red Jezebel @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth 13/05/11

By Courtney Pearson 15th May, 2011

It was a bittersweet night for fans of Perth heavyweights Red Jezebel who turned up to see the band’s last gig with bass player Mark ‘Cruicky’ Cruickshank.

Grim Fandango/Kill Whitey @The Civic, Perth (04/12/09)1

Grim Fandango/Kill Whitey @The Civic, Perth (04/12/09)

By Mark Donaldson 8th Dec, 2009

Grim Fandango and Kill Whitey launch their split EP at The Civic, bringing along Kill Teen Angst, The Leap Year, Chilling Winston and whole lot of fender telecasters for the ride.

Shihad return to Perth in October52

Shihad return to Perth in October

By Matt Sullivan 4th Oct, 2009

Shihad bring their high-energy live show back to Perth for two gigs at Amplifier on Friday 16th and Satuday 17th October.

Shihad @ Annandale Hotel, Sydney (18/09/09)1

Shihad @ Annandale Hotel, Sydney (18/09/09)

By Chris Familton 23rd Sep, 2009

Shihad tear up the Annandale with a massive set spanning most of their albums.

End of Fashion @ Fly By Night (20/03/09)2

End of Fashion @ Fly By Night (20/03/09)

By Stephanie Holt 22nd Mar, 2009

Returning after three years away End of Fashion perform to their dedicated fans, the new album "Book of Lies" revealing a journey down a new avenue of their music into deeper meanings and sharing their inner conflicts.

Bushfire Benefit Gig @ The Bakery3

Bushfire Benefit Gig @ The Bakery

By Cissi Tsang 6th Mar, 2009

Twelve acts featuring some of the best of Perth music at one of Perth's most unique venues playing to a sold-out crowd - and all for a good cause. Great music and a sense of community spirit - what more could you ask for on a hot and humid Saturday

Thursday night RockDocs 12/02/092

Thursday night RockDocs 12/02/09

By Joana Partyka 14th Feb, 2009

Two parts cutting-edge local band plus one part explosively delicious rock-doc, folded together tenuously and poured into a small outdoor cinema. Wait four hours and emerge considerably satiated, if somewhat befuddled by the lack of mutual appreciation fo

Perth BDO 2009 Sold Out Too

Perth BDO 2009 Sold Out Too

By Ashryn Romaro 28th Jan, 2009

Clearly, punters in Perth have realised there doesn't seem to be much music coming our way in the next few months, and have decided to get in while the going is good… or at least 38 000 of us did

Roll the Dice on New Years Eve: If it comes up six...1

Roll the Dice on New Years Eve: If it comes up six...

By Ashryn Romaro 30th Dec, 2008

So if you're tired of the stay-at-home-drinking-like-a-nana-or-a-scrooge parties for new years eve, perhaps it's time to pop your head up out of the sandpit and see what's going on around the place this year…

Getaway Plan @ Rosemount Hotel

Getaway Plan @ Rosemount Hotel

By Christine Lee 12th Sep, 2008

After hitting the road nonstop for almost two years, the Getaway Plan have added to their already solid fan base, to judge by the number of people at the Rosemount fifteen minutes after it opened.

The Getaway Plan, Closure in Moscow, Calling All Cars, Kill Teen Angst @ Rosemount Hotel (30/08/08)2

The Getaway Plan, Closure in Moscow, Calling All Cars, Kill Teen Angst @ Rosemount Hotel (30/08/08)

By Christine Lee 1st Sep, 2008

For the fourth time this year, The Getaway Plan head to Perth for a sold out show at the Rosemount Hotel.

Kill Teen Angst3

Kill Teen Angst

By M Luckhurst 21st Jun, 2008

From one of Australia's most isolated places. Perth indie band Kill Teen Angst's Greg Sanders talks about the history of KTA, and their big excitement of 2008: touring nationally this July.

Kill Teen Angst EP Review

Kill Teen Angst EP Review

By Stuart Sevastos 14th Jun, 2008

The last 18 months have been big for Perth indie rockers Kill Teen Angst; 2007 WAM Rock Song of the Year for The World Or Nothing, signing by a record label, releasing their EP and touring it around the country.

The Silents @Railway Hotel Fremantle 07/06/084

The Silents @Railway Hotel Fremantle 07/06/08

By Ashryn Romaro 9th Jun, 2008

There were high hopes for the sx-headed lineup at the Railway Hotel on Saturday, headlined by The Silents, a band everyone has seen live by now, and who have a reputation for encouraging a shout-along among fans. Uncharacteristically though, they ended up

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jezz88 jezz88 said on Sun 4th Oct, 2009
"got tix for both nights ages ago its going to fucking kic..."
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ashryn ashryn said on Fri 6th Mar, 2009
" I really enjoyed their set that night, Their ep is on..."
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SharpShooter SharpShooter said on Tue 27th May, 2008
"You 'crack' me up Mick. How many drug jokes do you think ..."
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disasterplan disasterplan said on Tue 22nd Jan, 2008
"If there was a WAMi award for most improved act of 2007 t..."
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Shockingdisplay Shockingdisplay said on Sun 16th Dec, 2007
"witch hats are also playing the Hydey tonight at an unann..."
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