Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Six Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

Six Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

By Jody Macgregor 22nd Mar, 2014

The Most Underrated Albums Of All Time10151

The Most Underrated Albums Of All Time

By Darren Levin 12th Nov, 2012

A list of 50 albums that never really received the recognition – whether critically or commercially – they deserved.

Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave together again3

Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave together again

By Jody Macgregor 28th Oct, 2012

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave have reunited to record a new version of their duet 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'.

KylieX2008 Dates Confirmed645

KylieX2008 Dates Confirmed

By Christian Taylor 28th Aug, 2008

Kylie's tour dates have been announced, and while it's good news for Sydney and Melbourne, the rest of the country might not be too happy.

Kylie to sex up next Coldplay record7

Kylie to sex up next Coldplay record

By Jack Tregoning 5th Jun, 2008

While Coldplay's collaboration with Kylie Minogue was deemed "too sexy" for inclusion on the band's new album, it's not just going to disappear...

Sweet About Gabriella Cilmi1

Sweet About Gabriella Cilmi

By Anna Kanci 3rd Mar, 2008

It may seem like all the buzz about Gabriella Cilmi has happened overnight, but nothing could be farther from the truth. She was discovered in Melbourne when she was just 13. Lessons To Be Learned is the album that will make Gabriella one of the most tal

Tales from the Big Day Out 1992 - 2007 (part one)54

Tales from the Big Day Out 1992 - 2007 (part one)

By Andrew Weaver 21st Jan, 2008

When the Big Day Out started, way back in 1992, it was simply a celebration of the crème de la crème of Sydney indie pop, with two international headliners topping things off.

Kylie plans a world tour for 2008

Kylie plans a world tour for 2008

By Cec Busby 18th Oct, 2007

Kyle Minogue has informed UK paper The Sun that she will kick off a massive world tour next year, just days after her 40th birthday on May 28.

Kylie returns with a new single11

Kylie returns with a new single

By Cec Busby 14th Sep, 2007

The princess of pop, Kylie Minogue is back and she has a new single ready to squeeze its way into your heart. The single, 2 Hearts will be released on Warner in November.

Kylie gets her Groove Armada on

Kylie gets her Groove Armada on

By Cec Busby 15th Jul, 2007

Groove Armada are the latest dance crossover act to be slated to work with the Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue on a track for her new album

Kylie at Glastonbury: 1

Kylie at Glastonbury: "it's just not going to happen"

By Michael Inglis 19th Dec, 2006

Organisers for the legendary festival have confirmed Our Kylie won't be appearing at next year's event.

Kylie @ Entertainment Centre, Sydney (11/11/06)

Kylie @ Entertainment Centre, Sydney (11/11/06)

By Kirsty Brown 14th Nov, 2006

We all knew that it would be an emotional evening, but when Kylie made her majestic entrance onto the stage, complete with frou frou feathers and corset, the response to La Minogue was simply overwhelming.

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Stefan Beck Stefan Beck said on Fri 20th Jun, 2014
"She's a national treasure."
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PaulPS PaulPS said on Mon 8th Sep, 2014
"so many fine records on here. it was inevitable that you ..."
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daveyac8881 daveyac8881 said on Fri 4th Mar, 2011
" ZOMG ME TOO I kinda wanna go to Kylie, but I need ..."
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MorningAfterboy MorningAfterboy said on Thu 5th Jun, 2008
"Haha! Well, what have they got to lose?"
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sarahanne sarahanne said on Fri 7th Mar, 2008
"does she smoke crack?"
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