Lily Allen

Lily Allen composing Bridget Jones musical?35

Lily Allen composing Bridget Jones musical?

By Carrie Lee 3rd Jun, 2010

Sources say that Lily Allen is working on the score for a new Bridget Jones musical.

Conservatives chase Lily43

Conservatives chase Lily

By Tom Mann 28th Apr, 2010

The UK elections are heating up with Lily Allen and Blur drummer turned Labour candidate Dave Rowntree thrown into the debate.

Another BRITS blockbuster41

Another BRITS blockbuster

By Jack Tregoning 16th Feb, 2010

We know you've all been hanging on the results from the 2010 BRIT Awards, so give those fingernails a break people!

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Nosyt Nosyt said on Mon 28th Apr, 2014
"This place is turning into a musical New Idea"
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John Henry Eden John Henry Eden said on Sun 27th Apr, 2014
"we're in shock too"
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VegetableLasagne VegetableLasagne said on Wed 23rd Apr, 2014
"jaar's a pretty adamant perfectionist. he didn't start th..."
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gumbuoy gumbuoy said on Tue 25th Feb, 2014
"I am interested, and would like to subscribe to your news..."
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grattan grattan said on Wed 27th Nov, 2013