“Stubborn fucking weirdo” quits Bluejuice 11

“Stubborn fucking weirdo” quits Bluejuice

By Tom Mann 25th Mar, 2013

Talented keyboard player, shit-hot drummer, bass player, guitarist, and presumably sensual lover and efficient masturbator quits Bluejuice.

How much do Aus musicians really make?1912

How much do Aus musicians really make?

By Darren Levin 20th Mar, 2013

"They just did Splendour In The Grass and sold a gold record, they must be rolling in it, right?"

St Kilda Festival announces 26

St Kilda Festival announces "secret" headliner

By Jesse Setaro 22nd Jan, 2013

The St Kilda Festival announces a "secret" headliner for its closing night.

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MorningAfterboy MorningAfterboy said on Sat 6th Sep, 2014
"Hi-Fi, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :("
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MorningAfterboy MorningAfterboy said on Mon 4th Aug, 2014
"Farewell, legends. Very keen for a final celebration."
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Oflick Oflick said on Thu 22nd May, 2014
"Definitely worth this post by me, though. http://i3.kym-..."
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melodeh melodeh said on Mon 30th Sep, 2013
"loved the cage the elephant video! their new record comes..."
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krg91 krg91 said on Thu 26th Sep, 2013
"so they released their new single"