Will Courtney Love reunite the 10

Will Courtney Love reunite the "classic" Hole lineup in 2014?

By Sarah Smith 30th Dec, 2013

The Most Underrated Albums Of All Time10151

The Most Underrated Albums Of All Time

By Darren Levin 12th Nov, 2012

A list of 50 albums that never really received the recognition – whether critically or commercially – they deserved.

Hit So Hard: The story of Hole22

Hit So Hard: The story of Hole

By Sarah Smith 11th Sep, 2012

'Hit So Hard' follows the rise to fame of Patty Schemel, drummer of Hole. Given a Hi-8 video camera just before the infamous 'Live Through This' world tour, Patty captured intimate footage of Kurt, Courtney and her band. Out Nov 7 through Shock.

Kurt Cobain’s lost solo album45

Kurt Cobain’s lost solo album

By Tom Mann 17th Apr, 2012

According to Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson Kurt Cobain recorded a whole album's worth of solo demos before he died.

Hole reforms classic lineup1

Hole reforms classic lineup

By Tom Mann 14th Apr, 2012

For two songs… but at least it was long enough to keep Courtney off Twitter for a few minutes.

Soundwave feuds and clashes1023

Soundwave feuds and clashes

By Tom Mann 19th Oct, 2011

With a lineup as big and outspoken we're expecting that there'll be almost as much action backstage as there is onstage.

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DAnPerfect DAnPerfect said on Tue 26th Aug, 2014
"i hope it's not her last shows.... i missed it. i hope ev..."
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humanracin humanracin said on Thu 24th Jul, 2014
"I'm pretty sure the plan was Solo Tour, Solo album 2014. ..."
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deanoss deanoss said on Fri 8th Aug, 2014
"they aren't too bad. been around the Melbourne scene for ..."
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humanracin humanracin said on Tue 6th May, 2014
"The 2 new songs are really great. "
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i_have_ADD i_have_ADD said on Tue 18th Mar, 2014