St Vincent

St Vincent

Damon Albarn goes solo, Drake teams up with James Blake1

Damon Albarn goes solo, Drake teams up with James Blake

By Tom Mann 29th May, 2013

Damon Albarn goes solo, Drake teams up with James Blake, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon returns to an old sideproject, and David Byrne and St. Vincent take a road to nowhere.

Coachella 2012 live highlights875

Coachella 2012 live highlights

By Tom Mann 15th Apr, 2012

Check out the full sets from Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, At The Drive-In, Black Keys and Snoop (with Tupac) more.

St Vincent @ Barrio, Adelaide (16/03/12)1

St Vincent @ Barrio, Adelaide (16/03/12)

By Keisha Hanbury 20th Mar, 2012

In town for her only free show of the Australian tour, St Vincent stuns the crowd at the wacky and wonderful nightclub, Barrio.

St Vincent @ The Rosemount Hotel (08/03/12)26

St Vincent @ The Rosemount Hotel (08/03/12)

By Ben Woodward 11th Mar, 2012

St Vincent's Annie Clark elicits fervent adoration and passion from both sexes. Her music can be simultaneously sordid and salacious. Six months of touring Strange Mercy sees a band comfortable in its skin. Not tired, tight.

St. Vincent tour322

St. Vincent tour

By Tom Mann 15th Dec, 2011

Texan songstress Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent will visit us in March for the Australian debut of her new full-band show

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St Vincent

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