Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran @ Riverside Theatre, Perth (06/08/12)

Ed Sheeran @ Riverside Theatre, Perth (06/08/12)

By 12th Aug, 2012

Gracing the stage to a sold out theatre, Ed Sheeran captivated the 2,500 strong audience with an impressive two hour performance.

Ed Sheeran @ The Palais, Melbourne (03/08/2012)1

Ed Sheeran @ The Palais, Melbourne (03/08/2012)

By Malachi Keecher 9th Aug, 2012

Ed Sheeran shines in front of a sold out audience at the Palais, supported by the lovely Georgi Kay.

Ed Sheeran Australian tour123

Ed Sheeran Australian tour

By Tom Mann 18th Apr, 2012

Singer, songwriter, producer,rapper, beatboxer and Ron Weasley doppelganger Ed Sheeran has announced an Australian tour kicking off in late July.

Ed Sheeran - +

Ed Sheeran - +

By Luke Carlino 30th Nov, 2011

Every now and then you will stumble across a new artist with an undeniable talent, the winner of that award for this year is London born singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

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Ed Sheeran

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