Damn Dogs

Damn Dogs

Jet speak about their break-up: “a long time coming”11

Jet speak about their break-up: “a long time coming”

By Tom Mann 5th Apr, 2012

Jet’s Chris Cester claims that the group had “been slowly disintegrating and slowly breaking up since the 'Shine On' sessions in 2005 or 2006”.

Homebake @ The Domain, Sydney (2/12/2011)718

Homebake @ The Domain, Sydney (2/12/2011)

By Adam Lewis 4th Dec, 2011

Homebake returns to The Domain in Sydney, with plenty of Aussie rap and alternative legends.

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Stugalug Stugalug said on Thu 5th Apr, 2012
"If I was in a band with a tool like Chris, I'd quit too."
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scottyk82 scottyk82 said on Wed 7th Dec, 2011
" Ah no"
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Damn Dogs

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