Steel Panther

Steel Panther

Steel Panther @ Festival Hall, Melburne (07/10/2012)5

Steel Panther @ Festival Hall, Melburne (07/10/2012)

By Dave Hennessy 10th Oct, 2012

There's boobs and Oxycontin all over the place as Steel Panther wreak havoc on Festival Hall.

A night with Steel Panther810

A night with Steel Panther

By Darren Levin 9th Oct, 2012

Steel Panther is funny until you realise there’s a guy in the front row taking it seriously.

Steel Panther headline tour in October829

Steel Panther headline tour in October

By Tom Mann 10th May, 2012

Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zadinia are cumming back to Australia!

Soundwave 2012 @ Bonython Park, Adelaide (3/3/12)13

Soundwave 2012 @ Bonython Park, Adelaide (3/3/12)

By Darren Leach 6th Mar, 2012

With the likes of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and System Of A Down causing anarchy late in the evening, it was the unlikely lunchtime slot by Steel Panther that stole the show.

Soundwave 2012 @ Royal Melbourne Showgrounds (02/03/12)311

Soundwave 2012 @ Royal Melbourne Showgrounds (02/03/12)

By Joe Lusk 4th Mar, 2012

Hello Mr Sunshine, please meet messrs Heavy Metal & Beer. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Soundwave @ Sydney Showgrounds (26/02/2012)29

Soundwave @ Sydney Showgrounds (26/02/2012)

By Cameron Elliott 29th Feb, 2012

The make-up has melted (both guys and girls), and the once proud and sharp Mo-hawks are reduced to a colourful mess. The battle has been won, peace once again returns to Homebush... until next year.

Soundwave @ RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (25/02/2012)24

Soundwave @ RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (25/02/2012)

By Patrick Ryan 27th Feb, 2012

In a time that is seeing a large number Australian festivals struggle, Soundwave has excelled in all aspects.

Steel Panther75

Steel Panther

By Tom Mann 26th Feb, 2012

Hair flipping bassist Lexxi Foxxx on playing at Soundwave: "I don’t give a fuck how I play as long as I flip my hair on stage and my makeup doesn’t run."

Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me 2

Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me

By Tom Mann 21st Nov, 2011

More love advice from the Kings of the Sunset Strip.

Alter Bridge, Steel Panther sidewaves110

Alter Bridge, Steel Panther sidewaves

By Tom Mann 18th Nov, 2011

A double bill of debauchery as Alter Bridge and Steel Panther team up for a pair of Sidewaves.

Steel Panther - Balls Out25

Steel Panther - Balls Out

By Luke Shields 1st Nov, 2011

Steel Panther are back with what is their finest release to date

Steel Panther is coming23

Steel Panther is coming

By Sarah Smith 1st Jul, 2011

“Are you ready to feel some Steel Australia…we’re going to do cocaine on the plane and rock some pussy!” No words can express how excited we are to see Steel Panther at Soundwave Revolution.

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JoSh101 JoSh101 said on Sat 16th Nov, 2013
"stupid questions. clearly not a fan of heavy metal! "
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berlinchair101 berlinchair101 said on Mon 14th Oct, 2013
"Now with added Fozzy. “After playing Soundwave 2013,..."
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Oflick Oflick said on Wed 10th Oct, 2012
"But only the centre of Australia."
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"Saw them for the first time last night at the house of bl..."