Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Black Sabbath on metal, drugs and new album '13'3

Black Sabbath on metal, drugs and new album '13'

By David Swan 6th Jun, 2013

We gave Black Sabbath's new album 13 a spin and talked to bassist Geezer Butler about drugs, Rick Rubin and Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy sorry for

Ozzy sorry for "insane" binge, denies split with Sharon

By Darren Levin 16th Apr, 2013

When Ozzy Osbourne visits Australia at the end of the month he’ll be bringing some excess baggage.

Ozzy: Black Sabbath is in “the very early stages”36

Ozzy: Black Sabbath is in “the very early stages”

By Tom Mann 9th Oct, 2011

Could it really be happening? Bring on the Soundwave 2013 headline rumours!

Black Sabbath reformed?112

Black Sabbath reformed?

By Tom Mann 16th Aug, 2011

Some reports claim that Black Sabbath have reformed and have begun rehearsing for a forthcoming tour and possible new album, but what’s the truth?

Ozzy’s $1 million debt12

Ozzy’s $1 million debt

By Tom Mann 11th Apr, 2011

Ozzy and Sharon owe the US government a lazy $1,743,123 in unpaid taxes. Ouch!

Fight! Johnny Rotten Vs Ozzy Osbourne11

Fight! Johnny Rotten Vs Ozzy Osbourne

By Tom Mann 8th Mar, 2011

According to Johnny Rotten, Ozzy suffers from ‘catatonic stupidity’. We await Sharon’s response.

Ozzy Osbourne: sex advice columnist61

Ozzy Osbourne: sex advice columnist

By Tom Mann 28th Oct, 2010

Rolling Stone has signed Ozzy Osbourne up as their new health advice columnist. But would you take sex tips from the Prince of Darkness?

Millencolin added to Soundwave, Ozzy not119

Millencolin added to Soundwave, Ozzy not

By Tom Mann 13th Sep, 2010

Legendary Swedish punks Millencolin have been added to the Soundwave Festival 2011 lineup and although Ozzy Osbourne won't be joining them on the bill.

Black Sabbath reunion “a year or two” away?1010

Black Sabbath reunion “a year or two” away?

By Tom Mann 17th Aug, 2010

According to a recent interview with Ozzy Osbourne a Black Sabbath reunion could happen in the next two years. Soundwave 2014?

Ozzy Osbourne - Scream

Ozzy Osbourne - Scream

By Luke Shields 22nd Jul, 2010

Ozzy delivers a metal album that is definitive of his modern style - full of anthems, shredding and screaming.

Ozzy Osbourne – The movie1

Ozzy Osbourne – The movie

By Tom Mann 29th Apr, 2010

According to his wife Sharon, a film about Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne will be going into production very soon.

Zakk Wylde and Ozzy parting36

Zakk Wylde and Ozzy parting

By Jack Tregoning 14th Jul, 2009

After a few false starts over the years, longtime sparring partners Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde are going their separate ways.

All-star Ozzfest tribute to Dimebag87

All-star Ozzfest tribute to Dimebag

By Jack Tregoning 24th Jul, 2008

Members of Metallica, Slayer, Alice In Chains and more will super-group it up at Ozzfest as a tribute to murdered Pantera axe-man - œDimebag' Darrell Abbott.

Ozzy Osbourne @ Acer Arena (18/3/08)11

Ozzy Osbourne @ Acer Arena (18/3/08)

By Marija Zeko 24th Mar, 2008

After an 11-year absence Ozzy Osbourne made his way down under, joined by special guests Sevendust.

Meet Ozzy, get arrested!

Meet Ozzy, get arrested!

By Cec Busby 6th Nov, 2007

A cheeky Dakota sheriff has capitalised on a recent Ozzy Osbourne gig in a neighbouring town to run an arrest sting for outstanding warrants...

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Daft Punks Lip Sweat Daft Punks Lip Sweat said on Sat 5th Nov, 2011
"Prediction of Cr1zZ when he reads this. http://i25.photo..."
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oompaloompa12 oompaloompa12 said on Mon 3rd Oct, 2011
"also @silver surfer its not to late for them to reform to..."
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berlinchair101 berlinchair101 said on Mon 11th Apr, 2011
"I don't think he'd notice."
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Maximillian Billion Maximillian Billion said on Tue 8th Mar, 2011
"I'm not sure Ozzy has the ability to 'sell' anything much..."
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libby libby said on Fri 29th Oct, 2010
"that's a pretty funny sideline - from reality tv to agony..."
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