Sonpsilo Circus

Sonpsilo Circus

Kim Salmon @ The Bakery, Perth 28/07/121

Kim Salmon @ The Bakery, Perth 28/07/12

By Stephen Cook 1st Aug, 2012

Hometown hero, WAMi Hall of Famer and alternative rock legend Kim Salmon returns to Perth to play for old fans and hopefully to convert some new ones.

Rottofest 2012 Lineup

Rottofest 2012 Lineup

By Ashryn Romaro 6th Jul, 2012

Millions, Sonpsilo Circus, Stillwater Giants and Tomas Ford head the music line up for the fourth annual Rottofest comedy film festival.

State of the Art set times1

State of the Art set times

By Ashryn Romaro 21st May, 2012

State of the Art is a new music festival to celebrate the new name of our June public holiday, and congratulate ourselves on the awesomeness of Perth music.

Wavves @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth 18/05/121

Wavves @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth 18/05/12

By Stephanie Chong 21st May, 2012

Wavves fans ate up William’s sarcasm and pierced the air with cheers

Emperors @ Amplifier, Perth (05/05/12)

Emperors @ Amplifier, Perth (05/05/12)

By Aaron Watkins 8th May, 2012

Dead Owls, Mezzanine, Will Stoker and the Ember and Sonpsilo Circus join Emperors for the launch of their debut album Stay Frosty

2012 WAMi Award nominees announced12

2012 WAMi Award nominees announced

By Ashryn Romaro 12th Apr, 2012

The nominees for the 2012 edition of the WAMi Awards have been announced at the launch of the WAMi Compilation CD at the Bakery.

Stonefield @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth (23/02/12)3

Stonefield @ The Rosemount Hotel, Perth (23/02/12)

By Jess Boccamazzo 26th Feb, 2012

Stonefield give a performance for the ages with Sugarpuss and Sonpsilo Circus on their side

Southbound Stagebound Finalists

Southbound Stagebound Finalists

By Ashryn Romaro 8th Nov, 2011

The four local finalists for Southbound’s Stagebound competition have been selected. They will compete in the finals on Thursday 10th November at the Rosemount Hotel

WAMi Awards review and festival wrap-up1

WAMi Awards review and festival wrap-up

By Ashryn Romaro 31st May, 2011

Saturday night wrapped up the week-long local music party that was the WAMi Festival. With so much going on this year, chances are you missed some of it, so here are some highlights.



By 25th Feb, 2011

FasterLouder's midfield maestro Timmy Cahill chats to the lads from Heytesburg about coming out from the underground.

The Autumn Isles @ Amplifier, Perth (27/11/10)1

The Autumn Isles @ Amplifier, Perth (27/11/10)

By Jodie Clarke 3rd Dec, 2010

Congratulations to the lyrical writers, vocalists, other band members and the audio engineers to making sure the balance of vocals and instruments were in perfection.

Sons of Rico @ The Rosemount (12/11/10)10

Sons of Rico @ The Rosemount (12/11/10)

By Jodie Clarke 14th Nov, 2010

These boys belong on stage, they’ve got the attitude, they’ve got the look, and most importantly they’ve got the sound. Consider this album launched!

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