Christopher Owens – Lysandre1

Christopher Owens – Lysandre

By 30th Jan, 2013

Christopher Owens may’ve stepped away from Girls, but he’s just as in touch with his sensitive side.

Girls “f#cked” by Girls48

Girls “f#cked” by Girls

By Tom Mann 20th Apr, 2012

Get your head out of the gutter – it’s not what you think.

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide(10/2/12)2

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide(10/2/12)

By Kelly Dann 12th Feb, 2012

It was a dreary Friday afternoon that welcomed the St . Jerome’s Laneway Festival convoy to Adelaide; a slightly soggy affair laden with female vocals, synth, and Hypercolour T-shirts.

St Jerome's Laneway Festival @ Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne (04/02/2012)124

St Jerome's Laneway Festival @ Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne (04/02/2012)

By Edward Sharp-Paul 6th Feb, 2012

Under a blazing sky, Melbourne's indie-loving public got their fix at Laneway by the Footscray Riviera.

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost17

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

By Tim Klingbiel 16th Sep, 2011

Enveloped with the immaculately authentic warmth of a vintage pop record, the songs here are given permission to blossom and Owens’ songwriting is allowed to reach its full potential.

Girls - Broken Dreams Club23

Girls - Broken Dreams Club

By Tim Klingbiel 21st Dec, 2010

While it would have been nigh on impossible to clear the height of the bar set by 'Album', 'Broken Dreams Club' comes close, and that is saying an immense amount for the quality of this record.

Girls @ Manning Bar, Sydney (8/12/10)

Girls @ Manning Bar, Sydney (8/12/10)

By James Holmes 15th Dec, 2010

I'm not sure just how to describe it, which is a shame when your task is to do exactly that, but there is something very special about Girls.



By David Swan 7th Dec, 2010

Girls' co-founder and guitarist JR took some time from taking over the world to chat to Fasterlouder ahead of their new EP and tour Down Under.

Girls sideshows92

Girls sideshows

By Tom Mann 27th Aug, 2010

The debut tour of San Francisco’s hazy garage-pop slackers Girls will feature a set at Meredith and three headline shows.



By Chris Familton 19th Nov, 2009

Christopher Owens of Girls discusses life in a cult and his crash course in the history of music.

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shazie shazie said on Fri 26th Oct, 2012
"Coincidentally just started watching Girls about 2 days a..."
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"They played great but was a bit annoying because so many ..."
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nojameslikeholmes nojameslikeholmes said on Sun 16th Oct, 2011
"easily my favourite band formed in the past 5 years"
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SlowerQuieter SlowerQuieter said on Tue 18th Jan, 2011
"Thanks for your criticism Copernicus. I felt the historic..."
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mick90 mick90 said on Fri 27th Aug, 2010
"finnallyy a brisbane sideshow, love it"