Health - Death Magic

Health - Death Magic

By Tim Klingbiel 31st Jul, 2015

HEALTH @ The Bakery, Perth (14/01/11)312

HEALTH @ The Bakery, Perth (14/01/11)

By Ashryn Romaro 16th Jan, 2011

All three of these bands are absolutely worth checking out if you’re a fan of barely controlled chaos. If you like your music flat packed and mass produced, you’ll never get it.

Wire, HEALTH and Holly Miranda shows31

Wire, HEALTH and Holly Miranda shows

By Tom Mann 10th Nov, 2010

Popfrenzy will be bringing three very impressive tours to Australia in January, with English new wave legends Wire, noise terrorists HEALTH and indie-pop songstress Holly Miranda all making visits.

HEALTH - Disco2

HEALTH - Disco2

By Sam Reynolds 19th Aug, 2010

HEALTH ring in friends to rework tracks from 2009 Get Color, and do it with great success.

Health, Stature::Statue, Axxonn, Boss Level Monster @ The Step Inn, Brisbane (25/02/2010)1

Health, Stature::Statue, Axxonn, Boss Level Monster @ The Step Inn, Brisbane (25/02/2010)

By Carmen Juarez 8th Mar, 2010

Brutal Californian noise-artists Health graced Brisbane on their first tour of Australia.

HEALTH @ The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (26/02/10)

HEALTH @ The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (26/02/10)

By Bec Crew 3rd Mar, 2010

LA noise-rock band, HEALTH, prove just why they aren't afraid of us during their Get Color tour.

HEALTH @ Becks Music Box, Perth (27/02/10)513

HEALTH @ Becks Music Box, Perth (27/02/10)

By Ashryn Romaro 1st Mar, 2010

Although their name wasn’t chosen to mean anything about their band, it is fitting that their music epitomises a healthful balance of extremes.

HEALTH tour6


By Sarah Smith 16th Nov, 2009

Noise-making hipsters HEALTH have announced they will be playing three Australian dates in addition to their Perth Festival appearance.

Beck's Music Box 2010 Full Line-up818

Beck's Music Box 2010 Full Line-up

By Rachel McGeorge 7th Nov, 2009

Perth International Arts Festival Presents Beck's Music Box for 2010

HEALTH a Laneway contender?452

HEALTH a Laneway contender?

By Jack Tregoning 22nd Sep, 2009

Sonic experimentalists HEALTH this week told The Dwarf they'll be visiting Australia for the first time in February 2010.

HEALTH - Get Color2

HEALTH - Get Color

By Chris Familton 13th Sep, 2009

HEALTH cover the full spectrum of harsh and soft sounds on their new album Get Color.

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