Frozen Ocean

Frozen Ocean

In The Pines @ Somerville Auditorium, Perth (22/04/2012)1

In The Pines @ Somerville Auditorium, Perth (22/04/2012)

By Crystal Andrews 26th Apr, 2012

Perth music lovers returned to the lush Somerville Auditorium for what is, by now, surely a classic event - RTRFM's In The Pines.

Hybrid Aura @ HQ 11/09/0975

Hybrid Aura @ HQ 11/09/09

By Ashryn Romaro 14th Sep, 2009

It's easy to imagine a packed Capitol crowd, fists in the air shouting - œa total waste of time, a total waste of life just another chapter in the story of my life...'

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ashryn ashryn said on Wed 16th Sep, 2009
"ha ha.. its always good to coin a phrase.. not entirely s..."
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Frozen Ocean

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