Trial By Tracklist: Nickelback 'No Fixed Address'2

Trial By Tracklist: Nickelback 'No Fixed Address'

By Jody Macgregor 27th Aug, 2014

Nickelback @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre (22/11/2012)127

Nickelback @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre (22/11/2012)

By Jody Macgregor 24th Nov, 2012

A Nickelback concert is a product as routinely assembled as a hamburger.

Watch: Jason Alexander froth over Brooke Burns in new Nickelback clip11

Watch: Jason Alexander froth over Brooke Burns in new Nickelback clip

By Sarah Smith 20th Aug, 2012

What do you get when you cross Seinfeld with Nickelback?

Triple M 213

Triple M "won't touch" Nickelback?!

By Tom Mann 16th Aug, 2012

It's like watching a snake eat its own tail.

In Defence Of: Nickelback5109

In Defence Of: Nickelback

By James Aviaz 24th Jul, 2012

As hard as it might be to stomach for some, Nickelback are not a terrible band and not everyone hates them.

American radio is scary230

American radio is scary

By Jack Tregoning 14th Dec, 2009

Nielsen has revealed the most-played songs on US radio in the past decade, so it's time to make that Christmas mix-tape.

Nickelback @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (19/11/09)5

Nickelback @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (19/11/09)

By Kym Robey 25th Nov, 2009

Nickelback blow the roof off the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in a huge rock show that would rival Kiss for rock n roll excess.

Nickelback @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (17/11/2009)24

Nickelback @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (17/11/2009)

By Barbara Penn 21st Nov, 2009

The band we all love to hate return for another sold-out run of shows.

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tangojo tangojo said on Tue 2nd Jun, 2015
"an fyi. nickelback's original line up didn't include 3 k..."
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mxyz161 mxyz161 said on Mon 27th Oct, 2014
"not even as good as stonefield cover.....i think zep are ..."
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Neilot Neilot said on Sun 16th Nov, 2014
"jeez...could not read any more of your review, after you ..."
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aliharrison aliharrison said on Thu 10th Jan, 2013
"i thought this was hilarious! "
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katiecunningham katiecunningham said on Mon 20th Aug, 2012
"i'm so confused"
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