De Grussa Band

De Grussa Band

Peter Combe @ Fly-by-Night 17 July 200953

Peter Combe @ Fly-by-Night 17 July 2009

By Anne-Marie James 20th Jul, 2009

Now, toffee apples always seem like an awesome idea

Peter Combe @ Fly By Night 05/07/0862

Peter Combe @ Fly By Night 05/07/08

By Anne-Marie James 6th Jul, 2008

Drawing close to the entrance to Fly By Night Musician's Club, hearing the unmistakable sound of Queen's Flash Gordon Theme Song blasting within; Some might have hesitated to enter, wondering exactly what they were in for.

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Stuo Stuo said on Tue 21st Jul, 2009
"Nope sorry ashryn I didn't, thats an EPIC FAIL on my acco..."
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degrussaband degrussaband said on Tue 8th Jul, 2008
"nice thank you for your great review, hope to see you at ..."
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De Grussa Band

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