Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi

INXS rework greatest hits11

INXS rework greatest hits

By Rouslan Sabirzianov 9th Sep, 2009

Aging pop warriors INXS are reportedly re-recording old songs with a cast of new vocalists.

Gabriella Cilmi3

Gabriella Cilmi

By Dom Alessio 15th May, 2008

I always knew Gabriella Cilmi was a liar. When she sings, "Nothing's sweet about me," on chart-topper Sweet About Me, the opposite couldn't be truer.

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sfkpinstripe sfkpinstripe said on Fri 26th Mar, 2010
"what an awful idea.... the new songs didnt work out for t..."
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Gabriella Cilmi

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