It’s been over a decade since three fifteen year old lads from Newcastle crashed onto the global music scene with their debut album Frogstomp. Since then Silverchair have gone on to sell over 6 million albums worldwide and release three more albums each consecutively taking the band in different and increasingly challenging musical directions.

Now in 2007 they are back with their 5th studio album – Young Modern. An album which Daniel Johns says was born out of acceptance and a reinvigorated joy in just jamming together ; “The way I see it the first album was naivety, the second one was anger, the third one was depression and the last one was escapism. Young Modern is all about acceptance. It’s about embracing who we are as band and just really enjoying ourselves because that’s all that really matters.”

The band went back to their roots for this album.  Literally, just playing together in a lounge room and having a jam. In order to stay free from the pressure of labels and music industry scrutiny, the band decided to self fund the whole effort. They put the project in motion when in late 2005 and early 2006 they secretly rented a remote house in regional NSW, where they lived and played music for weeks with no outside distractions and lots of time for bonding over bottles of red.

The result of these sessions is Young Modern an album that takes Silverchair back to a place where three guys are making music for the sheer joy of it. Forward to a place where the adventurous musical spirit of singer/songwriter Daniel Johns continues to expand but this time is channeled primarily through a sinewed rock band with a point to prove. Young … but modern

Young Modern is out March 31

Lorde's producer working on Daniel Johns solo album

Lorde's producer working on Daniel Johns solo album

By Sarah Smith 5th Nov, 2013

Luke Steele and Daniel Johns team up for 28

Luke Steele and Daniel Johns team up for "hard-edged" collaboration

By Sarah Smith 13th May, 2013

Silverchair meets The Sleepy Jackson.

Van Dyke Parks: “I was honoured to throw confetti on Silverchair’s parade”13

Van Dyke Parks: “I was honoured to throw confetti on Silverchair’s parade”

By Doug Wallen 6th Mar, 2013

You may not be familiar with his name, but Van Dyke Parks’ orchestrations and lyrical whimsy have shaped records by Silverchair, The Beach Boys, Rufus Wainwright and U2.

Adelaide Festival 2013 program24

Adelaide Festival 2013 program

By Sarah Smith 30th Oct, 2012

Adelaide Festival will return in 2013 with an exclusive performance form famed American composer Van Dyke Parks featuring special guest Daniel Johns.

Bento vox: Silverchair drummer launches new project15

Bento vox: Silverchair drummer launches new project

By Sarah Smith 11th Sep, 2012

What was the last thing the drummer said to his band? Can we try one of my songs. (boom-tish!)

Daniel Johns joins The Veronicas14

Daniel Johns joins The Veronicas

By Tom Mann 11th Apr, 2012

The Veronicas’ comeback album will include two songs written with Daniel Johns and might also feature a cameo from the ex-Silverchair frontman.

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