Voltaire Twins

Voltaire Twins

Van She @ Capitol, Perth (05/07/12)

Van She @ Capitol, Perth (05/07/12)

By Nisha Richardson 9th Jul, 2012

Van She are back on the road to promote their new Idea of Happiness. They know how to craft a tune, but their live performance failed to deliver and didn't do the new album justice.

San Cisco @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide (03/05/12)

San Cisco @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide (03/05/12)

By Keisha Hanbury 8th May, 2012

Proving they are more than one-hit wonders, Perth youngsters San Cisco played a sold-out all ages show at Adelaide's Fowlers Live.

Voltaire Twins - Animalia 1

Voltaire Twins - Animalia

By Tom Mann 24th Aug, 2011

A dark, twisted tale about a taxidermist's latest acquisition - a pair of feathered twins.

Tim & Jean @ Jive, Adelaide (23/04/11)1

Tim & Jean @ Jive, Adelaide (23/04/11)

By Keisha Hanbury 25th Apr, 2011

With enough synth-loaded pop to offend the 80's, Triple J Unearthed High sweethearts Tim & Jean made their way to Adelaide's indie-haunt Jive to play to a dynamic and energetic set laced with sliding hooks, catchy beats and jazz breakdowns to a near sold-

The Joe Kings @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (7/04/11)32

The Joe Kings @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (7/04/11)

By Crystal Andrews 10th Apr, 2011

To say goodbye (for now) to Perth and launch their new single, The Joe Kings rocked the socks of a full house at the Rosemount – backed by the Voltaire Twins and Seams.

Miami Horror @ Paramount Hotel, Perth (21/02/11)3

Miami Horror @ Paramount Hotel, Perth (21/02/11)

By Camilo Cayazaya 23rd Feb, 2011

A strong showing from Aussie bands that would've been better with a better connection to the audience.

Voltaire Twins support Miami Horror1

Voltaire Twins support Miami Horror

By Ashryn Romaro 12th Feb, 2011

The Voltaire Twins have been announced as the local support for Miami Horror at Thank God it's Monday.

Beck’s Music Box after party line-up2

Beck’s Music Box after party line-up

By Ashryn Romaro 11th Jan, 2011

Beck's Music Box on the Esplanade is one of the best music venues in Perth, even if it only exists for the duration of the Perth International Arts Festival.

Mouse On Mars @ Amplifier, Perth (03/11/10)63

Mouse On Mars @ Amplifier, Perth (03/11/10)

By Zero Interest 7th Nov, 2010

Mouse On Mars imploded craniums on Wednesday, with help from Tomas Ford and the Voltaire Twins.

Voltaire Twins4

Voltaire Twins

By Andrew Duffy 29th Aug, 2010

Voltaire Twins launch their self-titled EP at the Rosemount

Hyperfest 2010 lineup2

Hyperfest 2010 lineup

By Ashryn Romaro 15th Jul, 2010

The line up for Midland's annual all ages festival-in-a-carpark, Hyperfest has been announced with Art vs Science at the top of the bill.

Sonic Assault becomes Sonic Velvet1

Sonic Assault becomes Sonic Velvet

By Mark Donaldson 2nd Jun, 2010

The Hydey's Sonic Assault takes on a softer guise. But we're hoping it's a more like a velvet sledgehammer.

Laneway Festival @ Perth Cultural Centre (6/02/2010)73

Laneway Festival @ Perth Cultural Centre (6/02/2010)

By Crystal Andrews 9th Feb, 2010

Perth's music appreciation scene was out in full force for Laneway. Here is the run-down of the stellar hits and the miserable misses...

Maximo Park @ Capitol (17/11/09)2

Maximo Park @ Capitol (17/11/09)

By Ben Swan 23rd Nov, 2009

English pop-rock foursome prove their staying power with another triumphant Perth show.

Parklife Announces Local Line-up for 200956

Parklife Announces Local Line-up for 2009

By Anne-Marie James 12th Sep, 2009

Beloved Perth artists join international acts to bring us the sounds of summer.

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