The Silents

The Silents

The Republic of debauchery2

The Republic of debauchery

By Philippa Hansen 29th Mar, 2009

Whether you stumbled upon it to pee or fuck Shafto Lane offers a Friday night alternative for dancing and boozing in Perth city.

Bushfire Benefit Gig @ The Bakery3

Bushfire Benefit Gig @ The Bakery

By Cissi Tsang 6th Mar, 2009

Twelve acts featuring some of the best of Perth music at one of Perth's most unique venues playing to a sold-out crowd - and all for a good cause. Great music and a sense of community spirit - what more could you ask for on a hot and humid Saturday

Roll the Dice on New Years Eve: If it comes up six...1

Roll the Dice on New Years Eve: If it comes up six...

By Ashryn Romaro 30th Dec, 2008

So if you're tired of the stay-at-home-drinking-like-a-nana-or-a-scrooge parties for new years eve, perhaps it's time to pop your head up out of the sandpit and see what's going on around the place this year…

Tame Impala @ Norfolk Basement 29/11/0851

Tame Impala @ Norfolk Basement 29/11/08

By Ashryn Romaro 1st Dec, 2008

When we've just about gone blind from flouro and deaf from the sound of air-guitar posturing, another old sound that has been insinuating itself into the collective unconsciousness has become new again

End of Fashion New Years Eve

End of Fashion New Years Eve

By Ashryn Romaro 5th Nov, 2008

Another of Perth's favourite live music venues has shown its new years eve hand early this year, with the Rosemount Hotel announcing that End of Fashion will be headlining their NYE Fiesta.

The Living End, Children Collide, The Silents @ The Arena, Brisbane (19/09/09)2

The Living End, Children Collide, The Silents @ The Arena, Brisbane (19/09/09)

By Crystle Fleper 20th Sep, 2008

The Living End made white noise (and then some!) at The Arena, with a little help from their friends (not that they needed it).

Fratellis @ Capitol 31 July 081

Fratellis @ Capitol 31 July 08

By Anne-Marie James 3rd Aug, 2008

While house music rarely gets a mention, kudos must be given to whomever chose a bit of Barry Manilow as the first track played after the show, as people slowly realised what they were hearing, everyone joined in a spirited sing-along as they made their w

The Breeders @ Club Capitol 30/07/081

The Breeders @ Club Capitol 30/07/08

By Megan Bailey 2nd Aug, 2008

Kim Deal and sister Kelley could have passed for suburban soccer mums as they made their entrance with daggy T-shirts and jumpers, jeans and sneakers.

Snowman @ Capitol 26/07/0865

Snowman @ Capitol 26/07/08

By Ashryn Romaro 28th Jul, 2008

"We are Snowman, You are alone. Thankyou."

The Living End wake up the nation98

The Living End wake up the nation

By Jack Tregoning 26th Jun, 2008

Bona-fide pros of the live circuit, The Living End are getting back to what they do best this September with a run of theatre shows.

The Black Keys @ Metropolis Fremantle (22/06/2008)3

The Black Keys @ Metropolis Fremantle (22/06/2008)

By Ben Swan 25th Jun, 2008

The Black Keys came to attack Freo and release the funky swamp rock they are famous for. Even if The Black Keys lost a few fans with the new album, they had won over a few more judging by the sold out show they played at Metro's Freo.

The Silents @Railway Hotel Fremantle 07/06/084

The Silents @Railway Hotel Fremantle 07/06/08

By Ashryn Romaro 9th Jun, 2008

There were high hopes for the sx-headed lineup at the Railway Hotel on Saturday, headlined by The Silents, a band everyone has seen live by now, and who have a reputation for encouraging a shout-along among fans. Uncharacteristically though, they ended up

The Silents To Scare the UK With 23 Spiders3

The Silents To Scare the UK With 23 Spiders

By Ashryn Romaro 5th Jun, 2008

The Silents will be having one last gig at the Railway Hotel on Saturday before embarking on a UK Tour for the release of 23.

This week in Canberra 28/04/20071

This week in Canberra 28/04/2007

By Stephen Box 29th Apr, 2008

What's on this week in Canberra? Click below to find out the hottest tickets in town.

The Silents - Things to Learn2

The Silents - Things to Learn

By Jamie Shaw 11th Apr, 2008

The Silents first album, to try and nail it down, is a diverse, deep, striving piece of work. The Silents don't seem to be frightened to go to different corners to find their influences but they haven't been tempted down that ridiculous, try

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ashryn ashryn said on Fri 6th Mar, 2009
" I really enjoyed their set that night, Their ep is on..."
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zululord zululord said on Thu 4th Dec, 2008
"This was such a great gig. I love the atmosphere of the N..."
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Lyra Lyra said on Tue 5th Aug, 2008
"nice article"
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exmk000 exmk000 said on Fri 4th Jul, 2008
"Will definitely be at the HQ gig!"
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antzpantz antzpantz said on Fri 27th Jun, 2008
"I see. And I was getting first/second supports confused. ..."
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