Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

The 50 albums that defined our decade

The 50 albums that defined our decade

By Faster Louder 24th Nov, 2014

Mark Ronson blasts journo over Amy Winehouse ‘quote’: “I will not fucking tolerate it”12

Mark Ronson blasts journo over Amy Winehouse ‘quote’: “I will not fucking tolerate it”

By Tom Mann 17th May, 2012

Mark Ronson vows to never speak about Amy Winehouse again after the Village Voice misquotes him: “I will not fucking tolerate it”

27 Club shut down43

27 Club shut down

By Edward Sharp-Paul 21st Dec, 2011

Researchers debunk the '27 Club' myth. Get paid to do so.

'New' Amy Winehouse album released for Christmas15

'New' Amy Winehouse album released for Christmas

By Tom Mann 31st Oct, 2011

A third Amy Winehouse album, 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', will be released in early December – just in time for the Christmas sales.

Amy Winehouse's death caused by alcohol poisoning12

Amy Winehouse's death caused by alcohol poisoning

By Tom Mann 27th Oct, 2011

The official coroner’s report has declared that Amy Winehouse died from acute alcohol poisoning, or "death by misadventure".

Musical tributes to Amy Winehouse39

Musical tributes to Amy Winehouse

By Tom Mann 26th Jul, 2011

Listen to U2, MIA, Big Boi and Sublime paying tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse dead, aged 2778

Amy Winehouse dead, aged 27

By Tom Mann 23rd Jul, 2011

Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her flat in north London. She was just 27 years old.

The Roots' ?uestlove planning supergroup with Amy Winehouse8

The Roots' ?uestlove planning supergroup with Amy Winehouse

By Russell Brown 5th Jul, 2010

Roots drummer ?uestlove has confirmed plans for a supergroup with Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse album underway45

Amy Winehouse album underway

By Jack Tregoning 11th Oct, 2009

Serial festival-defector Amy Winehouse is apparently getting back to what she actually does well - making albums.

Amy Winehouse ditches Coachella 46

Amy Winehouse ditches Coachella

By Jack Tregoning 11th Mar, 2009

In wholly unsurprising news, repeat festival offender Amy Winehouse has cancelled her appearance at Coachella this April.

Winehouse ditches drugs for music310

Winehouse ditches drugs for music

By Jack Tregoning 12th Jan, 2009

It seemed like the only thing straight-and-narrow in the life of Amy Winehouse was her beloved crack-pipe, but all that's about to change.

Amy Winehouse a no-show in Paris14

Amy Winehouse a no-show in Paris

By Jack Tregoning 1st Sep, 2008

Disaster-magnet Amy Winehouse cancelled her headline appearance at Paris festival Rock En Seine over the weekend - two hours before her slot.

V Festival UK rains and shines18

V Festival UK rains and shines

By Jack Tregoning 18th Aug, 2008

While one of V Festival's dual sites wallowed in mud and torrential rain over the weekend, the other enjoyed uninterrupted sunshine. Both, however, got to enjoy sets from Muse, The Verve, Kings Of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs and many more festival greats.

Winehouse causes nightmares51

Winehouse causes nightmares

By Tim Hardaker 13th Aug, 2008

A study conducted in the UK has found crack-addled warbler Amy Winehouse tops the list of people most likely to appear in Britain's nightmares.

Camden faces imminent disaster24

Camden faces imminent disaster

By Jack Tregoning 10th Jul, 2008

This evening at London's Camden Monarch, Amy Winehouse is DJing at her new club night. For one night, paparazzi and punters will dance together.

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"Surely this is the greatest tribute Amy Winehouse live..."
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Amy Winehouse

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