Simple Plan

Simple Plan

Simple Plan confirmed for Warped6

Simple Plan confirmed for Warped

By Tom Mann 9th Jul, 2013

Simple Plan: 11

Simple Plan: "It’s a special year for us"

By Maya Marcus 30th May, 2012

"The fact that we can keep doing it for so long and avoid having a real job is pretty good! "

In Brief: DevilDriver, Simple Plan tours1

In Brief: DevilDriver, Simple Plan tours

By Tom Mann 8th Mar, 2012

A few possible cures for your post-Soundwave blues.

Tour rumours: Slash, Simple Plan, Fun, Flight of the Conchords115

Tour rumours: Slash, Simple Plan, Fun, Flight of the Conchords

By Tom Mann 16th Feb, 2012

A very mixed bag of tour rumours with a collection of pop-punks, Slash and everyone’s favourite NZ comedy-folk duo.

Simple Plan tour23

Simple Plan tour

By Tom Mann 31st Jul, 2011

Canadian pop punk crew Simple Plan are returning to Australia this September for their first visit since 2008.

Simple Plan @ The Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (18/10/08)1

Simple Plan @ The Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (18/10/08)

By Mariel Igonia 20th Oct, 2008

Simple Plan rewarded their fans with an energetic show chock-full of hits, humour and encores.

Simple Plan Cancelled20

Simple Plan Cancelled

By Christine Lee 2nd Oct, 2008

Perth has yet again drawn the short straw when it comes to international touring acts. Emo/pop/punks **Simple Plan** have recently cancelled their opening show at Metro City due to scheduling conflicts.

Simple Plan back in action220

Simple Plan back in action

By Jack Tregoning 1st Sep, 2008

For the first time in over three years, pop-punk hitmakers Simple Plan will do it for the kids (and their elders) in Australia this October.

Simple Plan: A New Blueprint4

Simple Plan: A New Blueprint

By Erika Templeton 26th Mar, 2008

After nearly six years of radio-friendly anthems and puppy love power ballads, Simple Plan has attempted to change it up a bit. Enter their new, self-titled album released February 2008.

Simple Plan - Simple Plan119

Simple Plan - Simple Plan

By Erika Templeton 14th Mar, 2008

Since their 2002 debut No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls Montreal quintet Simple Plan have cornered the market for pop-punk radio rock. Their hit songs, "Addicted" and "I'm Just a Kid," among others, have been spattered

Green Day & Simple Plan Tour4

Green Day & Simple Plan Tour

By Monika Lackmann 22nd Nov, 2004

Currently lauded as the most successful punk group of all time, Green Day present American Idiot: The Tour along with Simple Plan.

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grattan grattan said on Mon 19th Aug, 2013
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berlinchair101 berlinchair101 said on Wed 10th Jul, 2013
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nikkielliot nikkielliot said on Wed 20th Jun, 2012
"welcome to my life.. simple plan rocks!"
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grattan grattan said on Tue 22nd May, 2012
"Another Simple Plan gig - Date: ..."
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Faris Faris said on Mon 2nd Apr, 2012
"flight of the conchords at splendour would blow my mind. ..."
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