All Our Friends At Night1

All Our Friends At Night

By Monica Masters 15th Aug, 2011

The crew at All Our Friends promised a twist for 2011 and they delivered. All Our Friends is back after dark with a massive lineup.

Warehouse Music Festival First Line up Announcement for 2010415

Warehouse Music Festival First Line up Announcement for 2010

By Karen Radford 10th Feb, 2010

Kicks Entertainment is back with the Warehouse Music Festival for 2010 and today announced the first line up for the 1 May festival.

Perth Parklife 2009518

Perth Parklife 2009

By Anne-Marie James 30th Sep, 2009

I'm happy for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to it (Parklife) - Blur.

360: MSTRKRFT, A-Trak, Tiga @ UCU, Canberra, (25/09/09)2

360: MSTRKRFT, A-Trak, Tiga @ UCU, Canberra, (25/09/09)

By Matt MacMaster 29th Sep, 2009

Lexington and Fuzzy lure Canadian wunderkinds Tiga, A-Trak and MSTRKRFT to Canberra for a knockout all-ages gig at UC.

Parklife side-show to come to Canberra in September4

Parklife side-show to come to Canberra in September

By Aimie Burns 30th Jul, 2009

If you can't make it to Parklife this Spring - never fear! The cheeky kids at Friction and Lexington Music are bringing three of the top dance attractions to the capital!

Six Splendiforous Days 41

Six Splendiforous Days

By Ashryn Romaro 8th Aug, 2008

Splendour sideshows stopover in Perth and many more local music happenings from the last six days, all conveniently linked from the one splendid page.

MSTRKRFT @ Ambar 01/08/081

MSTRKRFT @ Ambar 01/08/08

By Ben Swan 4th Aug, 2008

Mstrkrft brought the heat back to Perth

Splendour In The Grass 2008 line-up3493

Splendour In The Grass 2008 line-up

By Sarah Smith 23rd Apr, 2008

For many months the masses have been mumbling names under their breath, trawling the internet for clues, and making ever so bold presumptions - but finally the list is in!

Parklife acts confirmed1

Parklife acts confirmed

By Michael Inglis 7th Jun, 2007

Parklife organisers have confirmed dates for this year's event as well as confirming the first names for the lineup.

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MorningAfterboy MorningAfterboy said on Sat 1st May, 2010
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rodismdotcom rodismdotcom said on Thu 1st Oct, 2009
"lol.. each to their own.. ;) la roux were brilliant in..."
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frog_e frog_e said on Tue 19th Aug, 2008
"woah... it's got my name in it... i'm like a rockstar now :)"
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brownie-ll brownie-ll said on Mon 28th Apr, 2008
" Super super super agree, they are fantastic live."
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