Bloc Party

Since barging their way onto the UK scene in 2004, Bloc Party have wasted no time building a reputation as one of the most original and innovative indie bands around.

Vocalist Kele Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack began playing together in 1999 and worked through various names and bandmates before joining with Gordon Moakes (bass) and Matt Tong (drums) to form Bloc Party. Before the year was out, Okereke had made sure Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and Radio notable Steve Lamacq had heard She’s Hearing Voices, the band’s debut single.

In 2004 the London-based four-piece released two EPs – Bloc Party and Little Thoughts – that drew rave reviews from the British music press and started to generate a buzz outside the British Isles. By the time debut album Silent Alarm came out in early 2005, Bloc Party were one of the most hyped bands on the planet. And from the string of singles taken from the album, the band had no trouble living up to expectations. Banquet, Helicopter, So Here We Are/Positive Tension and The Pioneers all charted in the UK, while Banquet hit number 34 in the US. A remix version of Silent Alarm followed later in the year, featuring contributions from Mogwai, M83, Ladytron and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner.

A Weekend in the City, their second full-length album was released in February through Wichita Recordings. Produced by Jacknife Lee (U2, Razorlight) and recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland the band’s newest collection of songs is a stunning, intense and brilliant follow-up. Dealing with Okereke’s interest in what he calls “the living noise of a metropolis,” the album captures every detail, from ebullient to the mundane, of daily life in a modern city, and the quiet desolation that suffuses everything from commuting to casual sex, from going out on a Friday night to the long ride home in the early hours of the morning.

Top 10 videos of the week

Top 10 videos of the week

By Freya Jones 28th Jun, 2013

Bloc Party split (again), Myspace returns (and it isn't shit)7

Bloc Party split (again), Myspace returns (and it isn't shit)

By Sarah Smith 13th Jun, 2013

Bloc Party split...again, Myspace is back (and it isn't shit), and Beth Gibbons breaks her 11-year silence with new solo record.

Bloc Party @ Hordern Pavillion, Sydney (13/3/2013)1

Bloc Party @ Hordern Pavillion, Sydney (13/3/2013)

By Nick Hallworth 13th Mar, 2013

Bloc Party sound tougher and more confident than on previous visits.

Future Music Festival @ Doomben Racecourse, Brisbane (2/3/2013)32

Future Music Festival @ Doomben Racecourse, Brisbane (2/3/2013)

By Christian Stanger 4th Mar, 2013

There was mud, rain and a K-pop superstar.

Bloc Party sideshows on sale now11

Bloc Party sideshows on sale now

By Tom Mann 24th Jan, 2013

Bloc Party’s three Future Music festival sideshows are on sale now.

Bloc Party: 3

Bloc Party: "We haven’t really spoken about the future"

By Perri Cassie 20th Jan, 2013

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke chats to FL about the band's hiatus, maintaining those relationships today, and branching out into literature.

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tyler07 tyler07 said on Mon 3rd Aug, 2015
"Pretty cracking lineup I reckon. Bloc Party are still all..."
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MorningAfterboy MorningAfterboy said on Wed 1st Jan, 2014
"House Vs Hurricane The Storm Picturesque Resist The Th..."
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Patrick Holmes Patrick Holmes said on Thu 13th Jun, 2013
"Regrets for not seeing Bloc Party this past tour. Damn."
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grattan grattan said on Tue 5th Mar, 2013
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tyler07 tyler07 said on Fri 25th Jan, 2013
"They should just get Pin Me Down to support, would be ama..."