Cut Copy

Cut Copy debut new song ‘Explorers’ 1

Cut Copy debut new song ‘Explorers’

By Tom Mann 11th Jun, 2013

The first part of the advance party that will be sent out to scout the prospects for their imminent return to our festival stages.

Pitchfork readers: Brooklyn bands 10 times better than Aus bands10

Pitchfork readers: Brooklyn bands 10 times better than Aus bands

By Tom Mann 24th Aug, 2012

Only three Australian albums have made the list of the 200 best albums released since Pitchfork began shaping our album collections back in 1995.

Grammy Award winners for 2012333

Grammy Award winners for 2012

By Tom Mann 13th Feb, 2012

No luck for Cut Copy at the Grammys as Skrillex, Foo Fighters and Kanye West grab the awards.

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gumbuoy gumbuoy said on Tue 29th Oct, 2013
"definitely dead. it's why noone releases albums any more."
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OFFICER NO OFFICER NO said on Wed 24th Jul, 2013
"interesting,thats actually pretty cool. probably the best..."
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mondo22 mondo22 said on Sun 2nd Sep, 2012
"Thought I'd point out that the picture of this article is..."
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shazie shazie said on Thu 23rd Feb, 2012
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ThatDude123 ThatDude123 said on Sun 12th Feb, 2012
"Maybe they asked him to perform with Skrillex because The..."