The Music

The Music

The Music

When Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq described The Music as “the best unsigned band in Britain”, he would have known full well that his comments would lead to massive interest in the band.

After forming in 1999 while at high school in Leeds, Robert Harvey (vocals), Stuart Coleman (bass), Adam Nutter (guitar) and Phil Jordan (drums) needed just one song to convince the British music industry. That one song? Take the Long Road and Walk it. Though the song was rerecorded for the band’s 2002 debut LP, its release as a demo was enough to turn heads at Radio 1 and NME. The band’s blend of dance beats and basslines with Led Zeppelin-style riffs and psychedelic arrangements put them ahead of the pack and ultimately scored them a record deal with Hut.

After a slew of festival performances around the UK in mid-2002, The Music released their self-titled debut album in September 2002 and hit number four on the British albums chart thanks to a number of strong singles inclusing The Truth is No Words, Getaway and The People. The four-piece followed that up with a massive international touring schedule, including a spot on the Green Stage at the Big Day Out early in 2003 and another Australian tour later that year that took in an appearance at Splendour in the Grass.

After touring the album for over a year, the band returned to the studio to begin work on the follow-up. Late in 2004, The Music released album number two Welcome to the North, which, though criticised by critics as over-produced, cemented the band’s trademark sound with singles Freedom Fighters, Breakin and Bleed From Within.

The D.O.T. - And That

The D.O.T. - And That

By Tim Klingbiel 14th Jan, 2013

Knowing the capabilities of the two brains behind the project, 'And That' comes as something of a disappointment.

The Music break up132

The Music break up

By Tom Mann 1st Apr, 2011

After 10 years and three albums the English band confusingly known as The Music have broken up.

The Streets - Computers and Blues215

The Streets - Computers and Blues

By Tim Klingbiel 2nd Mar, 2011

'Computers and Blues' simultaneously leaves us thoroughly satisfied, but wondering what might have been.

The Music - Singles and EPS 2001 - 2005

The Music - Singles and EPS 2001 - 2005

By Luke Carlino 2nd Mar, 2011

Although it steers clear of using the words in its title, ‘Singles and EPS’ is essentially a ‘Best Of’ for The Music.

Rock-it @ Arena Joondalup (8/3/09)71

Rock-it @ Arena Joondalup (8/3/09)

By Ben Swan 10th Mar, 2009

Kings of Leon kicked off their Australian tour with a stadium show in Joondalup

The Big O @ ANU, Canberra, (03/03/09)53

The Big O @ ANU, Canberra, (03/03/09)

By Simon Atkinson 5th Mar, 2009

The Big O comes to (on) Canberra, making sweet musical love to them on a warm Autumn night...

The Big O @ QBH, Melbourne (26/01/2009)12

The Big O @ QBH, Melbourne (26/01/2009)

By Barbara Penn 1st Mar, 2009

The Big O fell on the traditional Thursday where incoming university students often mark it as a day for debauchery. No sign of that here!

The Big O @ UQ Amphitheatre, Brisbane (28/02/09)25

The Big O @ UQ Amphitheatre, Brisbane (28/02/09)

By Britlles Rixon 1st Mar, 2009

O Week is usually about toga parties and free drink cards but not today.

The Music210

The Music

By Amelia Schmidt 8th Feb, 2009

He mightn't know who tour buddies The Fratellis are, but Adam Nutter of The Music is all geared up to go to uni with The Big O.

Rock It line-up announced42

Rock It line-up announced

By Jack Tregoning 18th Dec, 2008

Following on from the big news that Kings Of Leon would headline the return of Rock It, more names have been added to the festival's line-up.

The Big O is coming21111

The Big O is coming

By Jack Tregoning 15th Dec, 2008

Having wowed Splendour back in August, The Music and The Fratellis return to our shores in February for The Big O.

A Canberran's View of Splendour In The Grass - Day 1, Belongil Fields, (02/08/08)31

A Canberran's View of Splendour In The Grass - Day 1, Belongil Fields, (02/08/08)

By 3rd Aug, 2008

Some Canberran's at least were lucky enough to make the annual trek to the luscious Byron Bay for our fav festival Splendour in the Grass.

Splendour In The Grass (Saturday) @ Belongil Fields, Byron Bay (02/08/2008)1635

Splendour In The Grass (Saturday) @ Belongil Fields, Byron Bay (02/08/2008)

By Liam McGinniss 3rd Aug, 2008

Splendour In The Grass 2008 gets a fevered first day, with highlight sets from Gyroscope, The Cold War Kids and Devo.

The Music @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney (31/07/08) 5

The Music @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney (31/07/08)

By Jack Tregoning 1st Aug, 2008

The Music still bristles with the same raw power we first witnessed at Splendour In The Grass 2003. They returned to Sydney to stoke the fire.

Meet the Splendour Class of '08911

Meet the Splendour Class of '08

By Jack Tregoning 29th Jul, 2008

In the lead-up to Splendour In The Grass, FasterLouder quizzed a bunch of the headliners about what gets their festival mojo racing.

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